H.P. Fab Tex Pvt. Ltd. is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality best priced women garments. We however have long histories in clothing business. We are highly experienced in cloth manufacturing & trading and rightly know consumers’ demand pertaining to different regions.



We specialize in catering to the fashion needs of women apparel. Our textile business history is of 40 years. “Hanuman Prasad Textile Pvt. Ltd.” is our one of the oldest and yet contemporary textile company in India.



100 Miles is our India-inspired young, colourful, boho-chic brand with global appeal. Any woman wherever in the world she may be – who loves, lives and breathes the vibrancy of Indian prints and influences will find a little bit of herself in our label. The 100 Miles collection is predominantly India-inspired and delves deep into our rich heritage of colours, textures and prints to combine them to create international appeal.