This summer, the 100 Miles girl is out to explore her love for nature. It's her time to dance on the flower beds, sleep under the forest canopy, kiss the blooming buds and share her secrets with the shrubs. The vivacious collection tells a tale of lush flora and fauna-inspired prints on pleasant summer hues and easy breezy silhouettes. It is a remembrance. The joy of being a #ChildOfNature.


Look closely, do you see colours flying in the sky? Or do you dare to dream in doodles? The world is a canvas, so pick any colour you wish. 100 Miles creates a world of art, where life is art and art is life. It is a make-believe world, where you find art in all the things you see. For we believe that if you truly look, you can definitely find #ArtEverywhere.


A little magic here, some fairy dust there. A few stray melodies wafting along. A treasure-chest of surprises, waiting for you. 100 Miles welcomes you to your world of starry-eyed wonder. Where plans fall by the wayside and anything is possible. Discover the delight of little, unexpected details. Tiny, tucked away charmers that will make your heart sing with joy. A collection that is a riot of colours and a veritable wonderland of happy, hidden gems. Take a look! Who knows what you’ll stumble upon in your quest for #GreatFinds!

Summer Resort

Summer is the time to find your happy space. To be your own muse, your music, your favourite colour. To paint the breeze, to dance, to rejoice, to fly. And to simply #BeYourOwnSunshine. And that is 100 Miles' mantra for this season. With its quintessential boho-chic vibe, this collection brings alive all that's happy, delightful and sunshiny in fresh styles complete with tassels, lace, prints and summer hues.


Spring Summer Budapest Calling

Injecting an electrifying dose of bohemian-chic fashion, 100 Miles introduces a collection which resonates with the inherent travelling spirit of the, ‘100 Miles girl’. A collection which is innately urbane yet, intrinsically Indian in essence! A mix of fashion forward ensembles, bursting with a kaleidoscope of the season’s hottest hues, this summer offing from 100 Miles, gives wings to your sartorial senses, and allows you to forgo the beaten track, and carve your own global fashion road. It offers a colourful glimpse of the ‘100 Miles girl’, having a catwalk moment on the cobblestoned streets of Budapest, as she absorbs the wondrous delights of the city, and prances around from Fisherman's Bastion to Heroes' Square to Vajdahunyad Castle, flaunting some of the most coveted styles of the season.